Whenever you see a lion laughing with a goat, beware, because a cockroach is not innocent in a gathering of fowls.

I don’t care about the etymology you have fed your cranium to be the meaning of ‘Boniface’. To me, it means, literally, living a double life, bundle of faces. Bun-Face, Boniface. Take it or leave it, and it is unisex.

I think you, yes, you will know if you are Boniface as you go on. Gosh!  I’m not judging you! So, don’t hide under that axiom. Well, you win, maybe. I leave you and your conscience. But, watch your back; the person behind you may be one miserable Boniface. I mean it; you must watch your back after reading this.

Man wears mask, different faces are buried in one face, hidden yet visible to the invisible eyes. There is Satan nowhere, man is the Satan. Satan has lost his seat to man. Bravo! Best friends, brothers, sisters, neighbours…fathers, mothers…all more evil than the devil. The last generation. Who shall I trust? None.

Christianity being the only hope of redemption is now a title, “what’s your religion?”  We all yell “Christianity.” Yes, we are right, it is a religion no more a way of life. As long as Boniface conforms to the routine church affairs, masquerading around the church and pays his damn tithes and offerings, call him a Christian, he merits the ‘title’, not what he does with his life outside the “bless you” gathering. God is disappointed. If your character does not depict the life of Christ, you are a miserable Boniface. Your character should preach the Word, not your tongue hiding different shades of your mind. Unfortunately, these days, the unbelievers believe more than the believers.

Show your face!!!!!!!!!!

There are many faces of Boniface, but, you know what? Let’s just face one, not just one; the deadly one! Face of Envy. This has sent many a person to their early graves; I hope you won’t be the next victim. I hope. You must be on the alert.

How to see the faces behind a mask

The faces behind the mask can lie to you, kill you and join your mourners. The faces behind the mask can spread rumours about you like a wild fire, and watch you burn. The faces behind the mask can poison you with a smile. The faces behind the mask are miserable Boniface. Watch your back; no one can do that for you. He who says to you, “I got your back” is the one that will stab you because you have made him your third eye to cover up your blind side; he sees what you fail to see. Bible is not dumb to say; “do not put your trust in man.” So, be careful of who has your back.

Do you want to know how to see the faces behind the face?

  • They always debate anything you say, whether good or bad; they hardly see anything good about you, even in public, they speak against anything you stand for. Don’t mistake it for being outspoken, they hide under this guise. “You know I don’t hide my feelings.” It’s a big lie.
  • Lack of self-confidence; it is dangerous to associate with anyone one who lacks self-confidence. He easily feels defeated, cheated, moody, and unhappy at your slightest achievement. He always feels that you have what belongs to him to be happy. The next thing is to start avoiding you because your happiness reminds him, constantly, that he is not happy. The only way to get happiness is to bring you down to his level. He is a miserable Boniface.
  • Fake smiles; Jezzzz! Look, smile is so enchanting, miraculous that you can’t fake it real good. This is another medium through which the envious hide their feelings, putting up huge, fake grins. At times they appear overjoyed, at your success; ‘I’m happy for you ooo!’ Check the lines on their cheeks, dead as their hearts. They will, in their deadly masked hearts, praying for your failure so as to come and ‘comfort’ you. Wicked world, the world of Boniface.
  • Competition: Envy is a feeling of inadequacy and this starts with comparison. When you start comparing yourself with others, it ends up in envy. Boniface ends up miserable if someone outshines him. What next? Plotting the person’s downfall.
  • Ingratitude: Boniface is never grateful. However you try to please him, he feels you have not done much. If you mistakenly do not meet up to his expectations, you are an “enemy of progress”, and you don’t want any other person apart from you to prosper. His next prayer, “don’t worry, he will soon lose his job, or his container will be seized or sink on the high sea so he will know how it feels.”


I have seen a lot of Bonifaces in my life!!!!!



Now, the question should be “how do I handle Boniface?”

  • Shut your mouth: privacy and freedom go hand in hand. That’s why I don’t testify. “Testimony time!” Keep it to yourself. I don’t share. The more you share, the more the envy, the riskier your life. You think that the smiles from sister Kindness and brother Holiness are real. You are on your own. In their minds, all they wish is to be like you; if they can’t, they will make you to be like them. Whatever success you have, go down on your knees, praise and worship the Most High God who has blessed you, and show love to your neighbours, the needy. That’s the only way you can testify that Jesus is Lord.
  • Humility: humility is a necessity for the successful. No matter the amount of money you have, or how successful you are, don’t look down on people. If you look down on people around you, who feel that you have achieved more than they, they will definitely conspire to bring you down to their level. Keep calm like the sea and allow whoever falls inside of you to get drowned.
  • Simplicity: who doesn’t like good things? But the excess of them attract unnecessary attention to you. Flashy cars, highly expensive accessories; come on, who are you trying to impress? Be calm and collected. The empty drums make the loudest noise. Live a very simple life and smile away the noise of the empty drums because you know your worth.
  • You need Him: any successful man must have a spiritual insurance. The only guaranteed insurance is divine. And to access this insurance, you must be upright. “Whoever comes to equity must come with clean hands.” You cannot use the weapons of the enemy to fight him, no. Live a righteous life, life devoid of envy.

“For though we walk (live) in the flesh, we are not carrying on our warfare according to the flesh and using mere human weapons. For the weapons of our warfare are not physical [weapons of flesh and blood], but they are mighty before God for the overthrow and destruction of strongholds.”
2 Corinthians 10: 3-4 (Amplified Bible).

My most honest prayer is for the Lord God Almighty to keep on blessing you and shield you against every miserable Boniface in your life. Amen.

By Chukwuezue Nnabuike.


Published by: nnabuike

Nnabuike is an Economist, Human Resources Manager, Auditor, Author of the novels, Bitter Taste of Honey; These Scars Won't Fade; and a poet. He lives to write, and writes to breathe.


10 thoughts on “MISERABLE BONIFACE”

  1. Amen…! The Boniface of retrogressing won’t see us. The Boniface we see today, we shall see no more. Nice article my brother.

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