Dad, don’t be shy…

Though you said I didn’t see your birth, I was just told. Dad, you make me laugh. You did all that, pooped in your pampers, peed in your knickers…now I laugh in Greek! Hakikiki! You were once a child. How did you feel under a woman’s warmth? I know you liked it…come on dad! Don’t be shy. She cuddled you, sang you to sleep, woke you up…bathed you. A woman bathing a man. Did she close her eyes? Did she smack you as you resisted the cold water? Again, I laugh in Greek! Hakikiki! Dad, talk to me, don’t be shy!

When you were a teenager, did your mum shout; “Jesus, who is that girl. I hope nothing happened?” How did you feel? Did anything happen, dad? How was your first kiss? Were you a good kisser? Who was your first crush? You know we don’t keep secretes from each other? Don’t start now.

You never told me of your favourite food…I know I know…let’s not go there. You were a prayer machine, a fasting rock, a worship and word addict. Still dad, you were in flesh; so, what was your favourite food? Guess what, I’ll find out. Trust me.

I bow to your wisdom that tells me you were not human. You amaze me. At that tender age, instead of succumbing to peer pressures, exploring all available options Satan made for teenagers, you were digging it deep in the temple with Doctors of law! You were not human, though in flesh. I see why you are called the omniscient.  Now I peep through my balcony, all I see are sagged pants…skinny jeans, sagged brains and skinny minds. On the TVs, I see; “sixteen and pregnant.” I see; “secrete lives of teenagers.” Yes, at your teenage age, you had just one secrete which I know;” feeding yourself with your Word.” That’s why you told me; “he that dwells in the secrete place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty…” Dad, you are amazing!

You were born in a wicked world, persecuted by the works of your hands. That’s the highest level of betrayal…Men betrayed you. Upon that, you healed the sick, raised the dead (I was happy for uncle Lazarus), fed five thousand people with just five loaves of bread and two fish…I heard about the woman with the issue of blood…you turned water into wine…healed a centurion’s servant…I smiled when I heard you walked on water…that was cool. I will try it one day, maybe on my bathtub.

You knew I was coming; you paved the way for me. I saw what you did for me, I watched it; “The Passion of Christ.”  Dad, how did you hold on that long? I cried…soaked with tears, watching them humiliate you. It would have taken you just one word to clear them, you kept on, endured…just for me. Dad, I owe you my life too. I watched you on the cross, beside two thieves…Dad, what did you steal from men? Yes, you were a ‘thief’, you stole their sins. I still cry dad, just don’t tell me to stop. Don’t just start! A king, not just a king…King of Kings and Lord of lords…came down so low to die in the hands of common beggars? I have nothing on earth to be proud of but your death. And I owe you my life too.

That was not enough; you took the battle to the spirit world because you know that things of the flesh are spirit controlled. Where did you go, not to France, America…Britain…you went to Hell! Of all places? You went for a treasure hunt to secure my future. That’s why you say; “a good father leaves inheritance for his children.” You came back with the Keys, snatched from the hands of Lucifer. The keys to the doors of good health…prosperity, happy home, fertility, employment…you gave me the keys to happiness, joy! You gave me power to banish depression, the keys to open any closed gates in my life! That’s why I am where I am today because I accepted the keys from you. You gave me life, you secured my future.

As you ascended to prepare a better place for me, a place of rest, you didn’t leave me alone because you know I am still your child. You gave me the best nanny ever, the Holy Spirit. “I will send you a comforter…” And you did. What have you not done for me, the most caring dad ever! I love you.

I know you have everything, but just sit down old man; “a good child takes care of his parents in old age.” You have worked so hard, though never tired. Sit down on your mighty thrown MY WORTHY KING AND FATHER. I have a gift for you. Let me take care of you now. Enough! I didn’t come to ask anything from you, you have given me all. I’m here to give. As my dad, I know what you like. Don’t be shy. You are El Shaddai, Elohim, Adonai, Atah Gibor Layolam Adonai(You are mighty forever, Lord)…I worship you. Elohay Kedem( God of the beginning), El Rachum(God of compassion), I give you my life. Father of eternity, Prince of Peace, Rock of ages…Tower of Strength! Bow of Battle, the Cornerstone! I bow before you daddy, I give you my life…my all. Take daddy, don’t be shy.



8 thoughts on “Dad, don’t be shy…”

  1. Fine style, witty, especially at the beginning. First I thought you were writing of your father, then I realised it was God the son… First kiss and first crush? Now writers are crazy!
    But shouldn’t secrete be secret?
    Again, you did well. Your pen inks with confidence.

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