As a matter of facts, I’m not here to make a common sense. With the rate of spiritual manipulations and ineptitude, no one needs a common sense these days but a radical sense. Pastors now swallow us the way that smart whale swallowed Jonah. But, Jonah was a bit safer, he made it alive to Nineveh…today, we are all trapped in the bellies of the whales. That’s why many of them have protruded tummies because we are all inside, kwashiorkored and dehydrated, gasping for air. Remember, this is not an attack on anybody, but just a radical sense of which I’m entitled to.

Now, this is it…

It’s like this, at the end of each service, during the public announcements, you would hear “remember not to bring your brain to church next Sunday…” As faithful servants, we hang our brains on the same hangers we pull off our church clothes from and bang the wardrobs.

I have this to say…please don’t bear with me.

Why should a pastor be paid salary? I’m not moving into the crime aspects of not paying income tax on the salary (PAYE – Pay As You Earn) and assets declaration with the Code of Conduct Bureau. No, I’m not…for now.

Let me show you their working tools:

“The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.” 1Thimothy 5:17

“You must not muzzle an ox while it is treading out grain,” and, “A worker deserves his pay.” 1 Timothy 5:18

Ok. What is honor? Is honor the same thing as money? From which dictionary, actually? Honor means respect, reverence…which many of them now get more than double (overdose) as prescribed in the bible, even way beyond the God they claim to serve.

Even Paul who preached this was a tentmaker…he was working hard to feed himself as well preaching the gospel, thus, “He who will not work shall not eat.” Other disciples were fishermen, government workers. They worked, fed themselves and preached the word of God undiluted.

Let’s look at it this way, “a worker deserves his pay.” Why pay only the pastors while we have many church workers: choristers, ushers, sanctuary keepers, prayer warriors…the departments in a church now are more than the ones in the United Nations. Name them. All those church workers should equally be on the church payroll. Rather, pastors are collecting from his fellow workers to pay himself. This is spiritual corruption…spiritual discrimination…spiritual inequality.

Since they started registering churches with the Corporate Affairs Commission, they are now business ventures registered under Non-profit making organizations. This is another spiritual corruption.

Bible says, “The seed you sow, that you shall reap…” As a pastor, if you sow a seed of Word in the lives of your members and expect money, that’s spiritual corruption. You should get Word in return not money. Word is spiritual, not physical. Unfortunately too, most of them sow the same seed over and over again and expect different returns…they sow word, expecting private jets, houses in choicest areas, birthday parties in a private yacht in Dubai. This is spiritual corruption.

Listen, the seed and reward in the biblical contest are the Word we preach and the souls we win. Jesus and the apostles, who even did all the work, did not receive any salaries but grew the church through soul winning. They did not manipulate the ignorant to their own benefits. If you do, you are spiritually corrupt.


Published by: nnabuike

Nnabuike is an Economist, Human Resources Manager, Auditor, Author of the novels, Bitter Taste of Honey; These Scars Won't Fade; and a poet. He lives to write, and writes to breathe.

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